WordPress for Android Got Update – Superb Media Handling, Improved Gallery Support & Better Stats. Finally on this week, WordPress Got Some Key Updates.

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress for Android Got Update – Superb Media Handling, Improved Gallery Support & Better Stats

Finally on this week, the most important WordPress Android application has received some major updates that make it easy and simple to post on the go. Across the world, there are lots of android users, who have gone through many different stages, but this major update brings an excellent and the most stunning mobile experience to Android users so far.

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress android app update got one of the best and most exciting updates, which has enhanced and boost support for media, gallery, theme browser, native stats, pin lock and more. If you want to get complete information about the update, continue reading this blog that contains details information about the each feature updates. Let’s have a look:

Wonderful Support for Media Library & Gallery:

Now, users can easily access to any files in their media library and can easily edit title, description and caption for any item. Chances are very high that you can include various pictures and videos when you are blogging on the go.
This application is going to provide a much smoother experience for uploading pictures, videos and other stuff from your smart-phone to the media library. In the launch of update, the gallery support has blown the mind of various people.
Using a long-press to choose multiple media items, creating tiled galleries is extremely easy and tapping the gallery to develop a new gallery. Users of this application can also choose a gallery style and even reorder button to develop a new gallery as per their requirements.
Along with it, you are also able to select gallery style and even reorder the images with drag and drop facility. Further, the WordPress android app update is considered a big update to the application as it makes posting and administration a lot simpler and beautiful.

WordPress.com Theme Browser:

Are you running a WordPress.com blog? If yes, theme browser enables to browse, preview and activate a new theme for your website using your device. If you are looking for specific theme and theme feature, you can easily head to the Themes menu in the navigation drawser, search using the ActionBar and you can see results very quickly.

Securing Content with advanced Pin Lock feature:

After the update, WordPress Android application comes with a new feature in the setting menu, where users can see a Pin Lock. Using Pin Lock, users can get help to protect and secure their content from any kind of problem and from any random Joe, who might be getting access to your phone.
By enabling this feature, you are able to protect your content using PIN. You need to enter the PIN to unlock the application, so all the WordPress users can take benefit of this feature and keep their content safe.
Another very interesting thing that you can find in Pin lock is Automattic that has made the code open source and obtainable on github. Developers can easily drop this functionality into another application as well.

Stats Updated with faster and native support:

Finally, “stat” has been revamped with much faster version. Now, users don’t have to use an old web-based version as it has been updated with native support as well. To review key stats at a glance, users are able to use filters in the ActionBar. Now, status support comes with all the major information, including:

  • Total, Followers & Shares
  • Referrers
  • Visitors & Views
  • Search Engine Terms
  • Clicks
  • What’s More?

I think these are major and most important updates in the application that allow you to get many new benefits. What’s more you want from WordPress Android app? However, it is also expected that another major update is in the works. As per the spokes person of the company “Expect another big update soon that adds a native WordPress.com Reader, as well as a revamped welcome and blog setup experience.” Well, android users get ready for new update, till dates enjoy this one!
Summary: Recently, WordPress Android application has received some major updates that make it easier than before to post on the go. Now, WordPress android users can easily post anything while they are on road, home or office. In this blog, I have shared complete information about the update, so continue reading it..

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