In 2003,  Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer6 and it had dominated the market with 97 percent share that time. Over the years its market share has declined, and Now as per in Jan 2010, IE6 has only holding 5 percents of internet users.

Web designers are saying what to do with IE6

Web designers are saying what to do with IE6

Web designers are saying what to do with IE6

Still Most of all web designers are fighting all the time for IE6 issues and hacks. All web designers and Web development companies are still spend so much to to solve the issue with IE6 browsers.

There is reason behind that. In all over the world, still some big corporate companies and offices are using IE6. Many big companies and brands announced to ban IE6 in 2009 itself.

The Google and March 1 references come from that company’s recent announcement that it would drop IE6 from the list of supported browsers for its Google Docs online applications and its Google Sites hosting services starting on Monday, March 1. Yesterday, Google’s popular video site YouTube named March 13 as the end-of-support date for IE6.

There is big issue with IE6 browser but still some web developer are not aware of that. IE6 is majorly lacking to provide a web security. I can say, IE6 is kind of hackers browser.

Microsoft’s browser has weathered a “kill IE6” campaign since February 2009, when Facebook prompted IE6 users to upgrade. It accelerated last summer when Digg announced it would curtail IE6 support, and an “IE6 Must Die” Twitter petition collected thousands of names. Microsoft has endorsed the anti-IE6 efforts, going so far as to say that “Friends don’t let friends use IE6,” although it has refrained from forcing users or companies to upgrade to IE7 or IE8, arguing that the old browser is still required by some enterprises.

There are new technologies are coming like HTML5, CSS3 but still IE8 is also not providing the basics of that. So web deverloper’s need to struggle for that. The biggest issue I will say here is project estimation. Due to IE6 browser estimation will go always wrong. This is really frustrating.

There are multiple issues with IE6. I will talk about some here.

  • z-index issue – most bad part in IE6
  • inline-block – display property not work
  • min-height and max-height css property
  • child selectors in CSS
  • PNG transparent images- biggest issue
  • Poor Javascript support

Microsoft is planning to launch IE9 but still they are not included the some nice features of HTML5 and advanced javascript methods and CSS3 attributes.

What I say more.. Web designers are saying what to do with IE6…..

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