Many PHP new developer asked my how to update wordpress user password through phpmyadmin. It is very easy trick. Many PHP sites are using Md5 encryption logic for saving the password in database.

Similarly wordpress is using MD5 encryption for saving the password in database. We can easily keep any password and change through phpmyadmin for wordpress users very easily.

First we need to open phpmyadmin in your web-browser. open wp_users tables. You are able to see following screenshot when choose user for edit.


First select user for which you want to edit the password and click on change button. you will be able to see above image.

Important thing is, you need to select MD5 in function column for user_pass field. Than choose your password and click on go button.

It is very simple to change password using phpmyadmin for any php application if that application is using MD5 encryption logic for saving the password.

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