We always found news about wordpress new release and updates. But few reasons some people does not update there wordpress sites.
There should be some may be issues with there plugins. WordPress tutorial for, Update version before wordpress hacked by hacker. Might be there plugins are not supporting the newer wordpress update or version.

Update version before wordpress hacked by hacker

Theme Issue

Some people will thought about theme. Their theme code will break and Site will go down due to errors.


Sometimes due to unknown issues Wrodpress up-gradation will be costly if you included the some paid plugins and themes then updating will cost you.

You need to hire wordpress developer for fixing those issues which will happen after wordpress updating.

You can choose the following options for updating the wordpress version:

  • Hire plugins developer and ask him to fix it.
  • Hire WordPress developer and pay him to fix it.
  • Remove plugin and start using another plugin But consult with developers.

WordPress Updation is very important.
WordPress updates are often issued for the purposes of fixing potential security issues.
recently noted that if you do not update your self-hosted WordPress software frequently, you are just about guaranteed to get hacked at some point.

I recommend to update the wordpress version and plugins because hacker will hack your site. Do not miss the security updates from wordpress.

Here is article for fix wordpres site. Best wordpress plugins for wordpress security and protection. and If wordpress site is hacked then how to fix issue

Update version before wordpress hacked by hacker

Update version before wordpress hacked by hacker

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