Twitter is micro blogging website which is most popular in the small time. I specially love twitter, here are sime Best twitter desktop applications. How twitter is working. In short description we can express our self.

Best twitter desktop applications

We always need to open browser and tweet. In this post I will give the list of best twitter desktop applications.

1. TweetDeck

Allows you to split your Tweet main feeds into specific topics or groups in column formats.  This application creates a local database of all your Tweets. It allows you to continue posting Tweets even when offline. These Tweets will be pushed to your Twitter account once your are back online.

2. Twitterific

Lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets”  using a clean and concise  user interface designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop. The app shows a scrolling list of  the latest tweets from your friends, or public feeds. Its features include multiple Twitter account support, auto refreshing, inline display of replies and DMs, shows no. of unread tweets, quickly delete tweets, auto show/hide new tweets, single click access to user pages and more.

3. Twunami

A feature-rich Twitter desktop application which boasts of the following basic functionalities – configurable Tweet workspace, optional persistent reminders, on click Tweet/Retweet/SuperTweet/SuperRetweet, threaded tweets, threaded DMs, mark Tweets as read/unread, sort tweets by newest or oldest, and definitely so much features.

4. twitterfeed

twitterfeed allows you to feed your blog into Twitter. You provide the URL of a blog’s RSS feed and how often you want posts to Twitter, and twitterfeed does the rest.

5. digsby

Digsby is chat client. Using this client you can chat with yahoo, gmail, jabber, facebook, twitter.

I specially love this  chat client.

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