Many people want to send smtp email through wordpress. WordPress uses the PHPmailer in there CMS. Using PHPmailer you can send the email using STMP service.

send smtp email through wordpress

But many wordpress developer dont know how to use the wordpress phpmailer functionality. Using PHPmailer you can send the email using STMP service.

send smtp email through wordpress

send smtp email through wordpress

send smtp email through wordpress, wordpress send email smtp

Many people use the wordpress plugins for sending the email. But I recommend not to use any wordpress plugin code for this. Because many of wordpress plugin code are not necessary and that will not useful for your wordpress application.

Here in this article I will show you how to sent email using wordpress with SMTP settings.

Use the following code for this:

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Use the above code for sending the email from wordpress. With godaddy hosting service above code is very useful for creating the contact us page.

Many wp developers asked me where to add the above code. So here is answer. You can create wordpress theme template page. Like contact us page and add the above code in that page according to your requirement.

Here are some useful links:

How to create contact us template page in wordpress

how to create contact us page without plugin

If you are having any issues or question about using the code then please write to me.

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  1. Cameron Reply

    You didn’t say how you’re sending the $_POST[your_message] variable. Could you give an example of that? Say you want to email a post you just wrote to someone. How would you go about sending the text of that post through the phpmailer you’re showing?

  2. wptemplates Reply


    thanks for the tutorial. one question though … what would be the username and password. is it email username and password or domain username and password or wp admin username and password or what?

    • Wordpress API Reply

      For sending email dont use the wp admin username and password. You need get that from your hosting provider. (ask them for give smtp details for email address of your domain)

  3. sameera Reply

    I got this error “SMTP server error: sender rejected by administrator ” any one can help?

  4. Mrinal Nandi Reply


    I just solved the smtp send mail problem from wordpress using a little bit coding. I didn’t used any plugin and didn’t found any configuration setting in wordpress for SMTP (I am new in WP). I did it for my gmail account.
    Here is the code snippet which I placed just bellow line no. 405 (with the content “$phpmailer->IsMail();”) and in the function “wp_mail” in wordpress_installation_folder/wp-includes/pluggable.php file.

    $phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true;
    $phpmailer->IsSMTP(); // telling the class to use SMTP
    $phpmailer->Host = “ssl://”; // SMTP server
    $phpmailer->Username = ‘’;
    $phpmailer->Password = ‘placed_my_password_here’;
    $phpmailer->Port = 465;

    It worked fine for me and definitely will work for you, too.

    But my question is that, Is there any setting already for SMTP in the wordpress admin panel? Can anyone tell me plz?

  5. ReasonRefills Reply

    Can you tell us WHERE to put this code? which document does this go in?

  6. arpita Reply


    I agree with ReasonRefills…
    I put code in line no 405 then error occurs..

    Plzz help me…

    Thank You..

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