Last month I went to Ganpatipule from Pune. I visited Ganpatipule for 3 to 4 times and I went to ganpatipule from many routes. In this article I will tell you which is best road route for going to Ganpatipule.

pune to ganpatipule route by car distance 330 km

Important : Dont take mulshi and Mahad route. Actually when you search in google maps you first got that route. But roads are not good on that route and that is not very nice route.

Kubharli Ghat pune to ganpatipule route by car distance 330 km

Kubharli Ghat pune to ganpatipule route by car distance 330 km

Take NH4 Highway route. First go to Satara -> Umbraj. From Umbraj take right turn to patan gaon. Patan-malharpeth then go to Helwak -> Kumbharli Ghat – then go to Chiplun. From Chiplun If you want to go by short cut then go from Dangli Akhli road. You need to ask there How to reach Ganpatipule from Dangli Akhli road.

Dont go to Hathkambha take dangli akhali road that will save you 35 to 40 kilometers road.

Pune-Satara-Umraj-right turn- patan-Malharpeth-Helwak-Kumbharli Ghat-Dangli Akhali -Ganpatipule

Total KM – 300 KM.

Nice places between Road. You must see the konanagar Dam and For seeing the dam you need to take pass from the Dam office. You should see the Nehru Garden. This garden is very nice and clean and big. From this garden you can see the dam. Between the road you will see the many monkey in Kumbharli Ghat but dont stop the car and dont feed the money because that monkeys are not good. Between Kumbharli Ghat you will see the many waterfalls.

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Beach

Stay at Ganpatipule- You will get very nice rooms at ganpatipule for rated only 600 to 800. That will enough for one family or 6 to 8 people. With four bedroom and attached bathroom.

Food is also very cheap and nice. For 40 to 50 rupees you will get the thali.

Ratnagiri Beaches –

AreWare beach – 13 Km from Ganpatipule, Nice clean, lonely and safe beach

Ratnagiri Light House – 26 Km from Ganpatipule, You should see this.

Bhatya Beach – 26 km from Ganpatipule, Nice place but not nice beach

Madvi Beach – 32 km from Ganpatipule, Nice , lonely but not safe beach

Ratnagiri is cheap and nice and clean city.

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