Inpage Popup are most used JS for website developers. Here in this article I given full detailed code for popup using javascript. Many times we need to minimize and restore functionality for our in page pop-up. In This article I will show how to achieve the minimize and maximize and restore functionality with javascript.

minimize, restore, maximize and hide functionality with javascript

minimize, restore, maximize and hide functionality with javascript

minimize, restore, maximize and hide functionality with javascript

I you want the minimize functionality for your in page pop-up use following code for minimize and restore button. Following code you can use for showing the minimize button on pop-up.

Note: Here for this example My in page popup div id name is “popup-container”. For using following example you should keep the main popup continer id name is “popup-container”.

<a id="dialog-minimize" href="#" onclick="minimize();" style="display: block;"><span>Min</span></a>

<a id="dialog-minimize-return" href="#" onclick="minimize_restore();" style="display:none;"><span>Min</span></a>

Use following javascript function in your document.

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  1. Diana Reply

    you forgot to publish the minimize function.
    The maximize works fine with a simple div but I tried to use it with a jquery ui dialog and it doesn’t work. How can I do it so it looks like the picture ?

  2. karen Reply

    I’m new with this, How can I put this on wordpress?

    I want a popup that minimize and maximize

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