Here in this article we will guide you to Install IE6 and IE7 on Fedora or any linux system. Now days I6 and IE7 is not used by people still I am updating this post.

Note: Don’t became root because these files will crash your linux.

Use following commands for installing the IE7 on your box.
#yum install wine cabextract
Here we are exiting the root user

#cd /tmp
#tar xvfz ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
#cd ies4linux-*
#./ies4linux –no-flash –install-ie7

I tried following command multiple times than I got succeed(6 or 7 times). Many times this command not executed properly.
#./ies4linux –no-flash –install-ie7

To launch IE6 Type on command prompt:

To launch IE7 Type on command prompt:

My comments
IE6 and 7 is running properly on my machine but some time it gives me error about IE7.
I am looking forward to solve that issue.

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