Get Short Link from WordPress admin panel

WordPress tutorial, Get Short Link from WordPress admin panel. Many of them used, tinyurl or sites. we used methods for shorten link.. Many people use the short link to post blog in twitter. Many of them use the and tinyurl or websites. earlier I used the methods for shorten link.

Get Short Link from WordPress admin panel

From wordpress 3.0 wordpress introduced the shorten url functionality in wordpress. For enabling the shortlink in wordpress you need to open the functions.php from your theme folder and put the following code in that file.

the_shortlink($text = '', $title = '', $before = '', $after = '');

For more information about the the_shortlink method you should following URL

For showing the short link in your theme you need to use the following code in index.php or single.php or page.php file.

if ( function_exists('the_shortlink') ) the_shortlink( __('Shortlink'), __('Shortlink on this post'), ' ' );

This short url method is very useful for posting the URL in twitter or in any social networking site.


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