Now these days best and attractive images are the part of every articles. I can say image is useful for your posts. Images made easy to understand to readers what you want to say in the post. Here we given the list of resources where you get free image for wordpress posts

Many wordpress blogger go to google for images and find the images. They put the image into their blogs. Some time that will cause you serious legal issues.

where we get free image for wordpress posts

where we get free image for wordpress posts

where we get free image for wordpress posts

There are very good places to find good free images for your blogs. Here is the list of that.

  1. Flickr: Flickr is a really great source for free pics, however make sure to contact the owner of the picture and ask permission before using it. I have done this a lot in the past and a lot of people are willing to share their pictures. Give them a good reason, maybe a quick complement and offer a link back to their Flickr profile.
  2. Stockvault: Stockvault has a lot of nice stock photos, just be warned that this site is filled with adsense.
  3. deviantART: This is a huge community of artist sharing all sorts of images and graphics. Again, checkout the license of the graphic as a lot of these aren’t free, yet it is still a great source for free images if you become familiar with the site.
  4. Stock.xchng: Saving the best for last here you’ll be able to find a lot of great stock photos as well as PSD’s, templates, background images and more. Please checkout the restrictions before using
  5. Free Images – Free Stock Photos:
    FREE digital photographic images for web, dtp, and design. Royalty and cost-free stock photos. Free stock photographic library.
  6. gettyimages: Getty Images royalty-free gives creative freedom to crop, manipulate and combine stock photos for your project needs. Simple, affordable pricing, unlimited use.”

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