People want to use wordpress for simple website registration module and user management module. We have solution to create user registration in wordpress. There is User and registration module present in wordpress but only through wordpress admin panel.

create user registration in wordpress

But Client dont want to show the worpress admin module to normal user. They want to create user profile page which is matching with there wordpress theme or website.

In this article I will give the tip about how to create user and registration module in wordpress.

First download Theme my profile wordpress plugin from following URL:

Theme My Profile

create user registration in wordpress

create user registration in wordpress

This plugin allows you to theme a user’s profile based upon their role. It even includes custom roles if you have any.

Install this plugin to your wordpress and use only subscriber for using the theme profile. This plugin will create the user profile page page to your wordpress website.

Next step is download Theme my login wordpress plugin from following URL:

This plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme. It replaces the wp-login.php file by using a page template from your theme. Also includes a widget for sidebar login.

Activate this plugin and choose options as per your choice. Above plugins are very easy to use and you can customize plugins as per your choice also.

Next step is download Profile pic wordpress plugin from following URL:

  1. Profile Pic
create user registration in wordpress

create user registration in wordpress

This plugin allows authors to add a picture to their profile and helps automate the process of displaying author profiles

Using both plugin you can easily achieve the User and Registration, login, forgot password, profile edit, user photo upload etc… functionality.

Written by Purab Kharat

My name is Purab Kharat, Here is my Personal Blog: Work as an Senior Technical Lead at Smartsourcing Global Pvt Ltd in Princeton, NJ, USA. I contributor of many wordpress plugins and Drupal Modules. I am core developer of Drupal. Connect to on LinkedIn or Follow @purab on Twitter or Follow me on Google+ or Write Mail to or Chat with me on Skype : purabdk

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  1. vince Reply

    Hi…I’ve to do something similar in my site. I would like to give to the user the possibility to register/login/logout and in their personal page to register some information like the address, telephone number, etcc. Then when they want to buy an article (after login) those information can be filled automatically in the checkout form. Any suggestion to implement these features? How can I do?

    Thanks for you attention

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